Must Haves For the Home Bartender

So lets face it, most of us aren’t serious about being professional bartenders, but we want to make some awesome drinks at home for our friends. Add a little flair to your mixology game and get these awesome tools.

drinkJiggers – These tools are awesome for helping measure the right amounts quickly. Every one that’s making drinks should have one of these handy tools in their arsenal. Typically a Jigger, like the one pictured, has two sides with different measurements making drink making a breeze.

Pictured is the OXO Steel Double Jigger.

drink Shaker – Many shakers you find also come with a measuring cap and a built in strainer as well. A very large amount of drinks you’ll come across utilize a shaker and the majority of these need strained as well. I have a shaker just like this one and I truly like it a lot. I use it on a very regular basis for various cocktails and it has always been good to me.

The shaker pictured here is the Premium Cocktail Shaker 24 Oz Capacity.


drinkMuddler – A vast number of drinks call for Muddled fruit. Basically Muddling is just smashing the fruit to release the flavors into the drink. A drink such as the Mojito is a popular drink that involved Muddling Mint leaves in order to release the flavor. No matter what it is you’re muddling, you’ll be glad you have one of these babies around.

The Muddler pictured above is the Arctic Chill Cocktail Muddler

drinkWine Bottle Openers – Do I really need to go into detail about why you need one of these? I really like the kind like the one pictured on the right. These corkscrew style openers make it really easy to get that bottle open without too much hastle. This particular corkscrew even comes with a bottle stopper, another important tool for someone that likes wine.

Pictured is the Precision Kitchenware Corkscrew Wine Opener and Bottle Stopper Set.

drinkDrink Strainer – As mentioned before, many shakers come with built in strainers, but one of these bad boys is also good to have if you’re not using your shaker in any case and still need to strain. A nice versatile tool for the bar wizard.

Pictured is the Swissmar Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer.

These 5 tools are essential for you if you really enjoy mixology. I promise you that if you make enough drinks you’ll find yourself using these all of the time.

Product Disclaimer: I earn commission if you buy the products listed. Please read reviews and research yourself before buying any product. Thanks.

Top image is from Moyan Brenn


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